Does Your Home Pass The Sniff Test? Tips For Selling Your Home in Wake Forest NC

For the most part buyers make decisions on a purchasing a home Vanillafrom the emotional side.

  • What will it be like for their family growing up there?
  • Can they start a family there?
  • What will the Holidays be like?
  • Will their possessions find their rightful place in the home?
  • What will dinner time be like?
  • Will little Suzie or Johnny like the back yard?


Smells and scents are one of the biggest influences that impact emotional responses.  When you have showing scheduled on your home for sale be sure that it not only LOOKS fantastic but that it also SMELLS inviting and welcoming! 


Here are some simple tips and reminders for making sure that your home passes the “Sniff Test”:


  • IF you smoke or have a smoker in the house don’t allow smoking in your house for weeks leading up to showing it
  • Find a pet-sitter for a few days, and clean, clean, clean!
  • Consider doing some baking prior to showings. The scent of fresh apple pie is hard to beat when it comes to creating the atmosphere of a welcoming home!
  • If weather permits open the windows for a few hours to allow the fresh air in and the stale air out!
  • If you know there is a showing scheduled for the next day it is best not to prepare fish or an dish heavy on spices the night before.

Empty the trash!

If you are in a real pinch, here is one trick that always works for me.


Mix a little water with vanilla extract, brown sugar and a few cinnamon sticks. You can either place in a pot on the stove and simmer or place in the oven on WARM. Beautiful aromas will soon fill your home making it inviting and pleasant!


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