Embrace Social Media But Show A Little Respect

I LOVE Social Media!  I rely on it for marketing, networking, staying in the loop, learning new things and celebrity gossip!  😉  I mean, seriously, how else am I to know that Kanye West was upset with Britney Spears because her single was #1 and not his or where else am I going to see a belly pic from P!NK? 

But to be serious, I firmly believe that as a Real Estate Agent in today’s world Social Media is a must!  It must be woven into our marketing plans and also used to keep abreast of the current trends.  It has turned this entire world into one big learning classroom and it just keeps growing.  With that growth though I have seen such terrible things in the last few months.  Some of what I have seen is part and parcel as to why I had to take a “break” from much social media participation.  Doesn’t mean that I wasn’t lurking and still taking it all in though!

I have seen Tweets from local agents talking about their clients personal finances, what kind of offers their clients are going to make, what a seller might take for a home since the list price was just a suggestion, results of inspection reports prior to communicating them with buyers and/or sellers, talk of commission that would certainly violate the AntiTrust Act and so many more horrible things.  Status updates on Facebook where the agent and the buyer or seller were friends and they were having “open conversations” about a transaction they were in the middle of.  I have seen agents completely SLAM a client through a status update and their wall on Facebook that was public.  I just shake my head……what else can I do?  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know to go to MLS and see what deals that agent has pending and from the information given in the update or tweet or BLOG which house they are talking about. 

So, please…….embrace social media for all the good that it is.  It is such a wonderful tool for all of us!  But you also need to respect it’s wide reach and realize that what you type is for all the world to see.  Even if you think it’s “private” or that only a select few will see it that’s definitely a FEW TOO MANY!  Keep your deals private and your opinions of your clients or other agents to yourself. 


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