Art After Hours in Historic Downtown Wake Forest NC – March 11 6pm – 9pm

It’s the second Friday of the month and that can only mean one thing……Art After Hours!  The streets of historic, downtown Leigh Moose Side Yard StudiosWake Forest come alive with some of the areas most creative artists showcasing their works whether they be paintings, photography, sculpture or sketchings. 

This month The Cotton Company will showcase the photography of Leigh Moose.  I have read a few “briefs” and short bio’s on Leigh and for most posts I use what I read.  I never have had the opportunity to actually meet artists prior to their showings.  Even if I met them at the reception it was too late for me to post what was upcoming.  Well, this time is different.  I had the honor of meeting Leigh in person prior to the opening, and yes, it was a complete honor.  Leigh has a story to be told that can only be done justice through another post which will come in time.  My impressions of Leigh?

Leigh has the uncanny ability to pull out of people, objects, and situations feelings and subtle characteristics and capture them on film in ways that I have never experienced before.  And you DO experience the photographs – you don’t just look at them!  Her exhibit this month is titled “Nostalgia On My Mind”.  Leigh will take you on a journey all along the East Coast and south to Louisiana with her vintage collection of signs.  Signs?  Yes, signs!  You have to see the collection to understand.  You will be transported to a time when life was a bit more UNcomplicated. 

You can meet Leigh this coming Friday, March 11 from 6pm – 9pm at The Cotton Company.  It is a great opportunity to ask questions and connect on a level that will mean so much while viewing her photography.  If you would like to learn a little more about Leigh Moose then I suggest you visit her website, Side Yard Studios.  Take the opportunity to explore other genres that Leigh explores.  You’ll be in awe of her innate ability to take anything and photograph it in a way that it becomes nothing short of a masterpiece.  You can also connect with Leigh at the Side Yard Studios Facebook Page.

March 11, 2011
The Cotton Company
6pm – 9pm
306 S. White Street
Leigh Moose Side Yard Studios
Leigh Moose Side Yard Studios
Leigh Moose Side Yard Studios

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